Leave an impression with a great business card

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January 24, 2018
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Leave an impression with a great business card

Business card benefits

Having a business card is essential for great marketing and branding of an individual or business. Business cards tell people who you are and remind people of what you do. Being able to leave a business card with someone gives them the opportunity to keep in contact with you and have direct access to you or your business. Business cards are small in size and can be customized to your liking. It should be designed appropriately to what you want to represent. For instance, if you are in the travel business it will be nice if your business card included a picture of an airplane in the background or if you are a singer a business card with a microphone design is also attractive.

Types of Cards

There are different types of business cards to choose from.

Generic card which usually just include two colors most of the time it’s a white card with black ink. This is great if you just want to be basic and pretty much get straight to the point with minimal information.

Picture cards where you can actually put a picture of yourself on the card. I find those cards great for real estate agents it shows a friendly face and it can be warm, inviting and personal. These cards usually have more than just black and white colors.

Physical/Tactile cards which has a more tangible approach and are created with materials like wood, leather and raised prints. These cards are definitely more expensive but great for people like contractors or welders that want to add a little class to their business card and leave a great impression.

Multi-purpose cards serve more than 1 introduction to the business or individual. For instance, a restaurant may include a short menu on the back of their card or a cook may include a short recipe on the back of their card. These cards are great because they provide a little more information and insight on what to expect and serve as a reminder about the business or the individual.

Necessary information

There are so many ways to be creative with a business card and the main thing is to leave an impression and make sure there’s contact information on that card to reach you or your business directly. Most cards include an email address, phone numbers, websites, name and title. It’s important that anyone trying to contact you has an easy way to do so using your business card. A business card should be designed and provide any information that resonates with the business or individual.